The Dixie Memorial Memberships were started in 2016 in memory of Judge Samuel Johnston’s beloved hunting dog, Dixie. Judge Johnston, from Lynchburg, Virginia who is almost solely a dove hunter, had a lab named Dixie who was a special dove dog and a companion to the judge for many years. She never left his side, especially after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Dixie feared no electric collar, electric or barbed wire fence. Nothing got between her and her downed dove. She often treated herself to delicious doves if the retrieve was long enough to warrant it. The bond between Dixie and Judge Johnston was about as strong as the bond between the judge and his son, Whitaker-especially when they were in the field together.
It is the hope of the Johnston family that these memberships will encourage youth to get into the field and stay there for a lifetime.

For more information on honorariums or memorials, contact the Texas Dove Hunters Association at 210-764-1189