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How Dove Hunting in Argentina is Different from Texas Hunting
One man in a grassy field shooting at birds

There are several places around the world that you can go dove hunting, yet few hunting experiences will match that found in Argentina. Unlike Texas where you have a limited number of doves that you can hunt, in Argentina there is no limit. Unlimited dove hunting is possible due to the millions of birds in the country.

The weather in Argentina is more favorable for these doves, that roost among the soybean, sunflower and corn fields. Today, Argentina has become a popular place for sportsmen who want to spend hours shooting in a new and beautiful environment. Fortunately, these sportsmen help to control the exploding dove population. Dove have been considered pests that eat more than 30 percent of everything produced by the farmers. Therefore, even if you shoot a thousand a day, you won’t affect their numbers, which is currently estimated to be over 100 million.


Although there is a liberal limit on hunting wild pigeons and ducks, dove season is year-round. The climatic seasons there are opposite to what most of us are used to in the United States. For example, during fall in the US, it is spring in Argentina, and during summer in the US it’s winter there. This means that you can go dove hunting in Argentina during winter and fall. There is no low season in dove hunting; in fact, you can shoot 1000+ rounds in a single day if you can take the punishment to your shoulder. Dove is not the only thing you can hunt, most outfitters offer a combination of Dove, Pigeon, Perdiz, Parakeet, and Duck.

When planning your dove hunting trip to Argentina, there are some obvious costs that you will incur, including airfare and a package cost. You have two primary choices when traveling to Argentina –Cordoba, and BA (Buenos Aires). In either place, most outfitters offer transportation to and from your hunting and lodging destination, generally a two- hour ride or more in some cases. Outfitters that use Entre Rios province will require that you fly to BA. Those located in other places other than Cordoba will also require that you fly to BA so that you can take a domestic flight to a region near them.

Two men in a field shooting at birds


You are traveling a long way, you want to be treated well. There are many outfitters in Argentina wanting to take advantage of the number of hunters coming to shoot until they can’t shoot anymore. It is important that you do your research before choosing your outfitter. We suggest you explore websites and ask people who have been there. You want a reputable outfitter. Don’t shop price, most are very comparable but not all outfits are the same. Those that take great care of their guests and have lots of amenities are the ones you want to stay with. But websites can sometimes be deceiving. If you find an outfitter online that you like, ask around and check online for people who have been there. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find the best spots. Privately owned lodges are great because they control the properties they hunt. Also look for those that talk about their food and beverages; after all, you are wanting to be wined and dined in style. Look for the lodge that will get you where you need to go. Most will provide transportation to and from the airport, you don’t want to have to rent a car. Recently BA has been reported as providing larger amounts of dove, but both provide the ultimate experience. If your spouse isn’t a hunter but wants to go on the trip, there is plenty to do in Argentina besides shoot.


Now is the time when you should be thinking about what to carry when going on your hunting expedition. Although there are rainy seasons in Argentina, it will not require more than a light rain jacket. Other things that you should carry include:

Passport: Ensure that it is updated and that the name on the international ticket matches that on your passport.

Eye and ear protection: Get good quality shooting glasses or sunglasses as well as some quality earplugs.

Shooting gloves: These are very important and will come in handy when loading your shotgun and when the barrel gets hot.

Comfortable clothes for the field: It can get hot. Take loose fitting comfortable clothes.

Most everything else will be provided for you. When you book your trip the outfitter will help you with any other necessities.

As for your guns, you do not need to bring your own. You can if you desire, but be sure to have all needed paperwork and proper gun case. There is so much wear and tear on the guns with so much more daily shooting (can be up to 1,000 rounds per day). Many people advise using outfitters guns rather than your own. Most shots are taken at a fairly close range and there are plenty of targets. Shooting 1,000 rounds a day with a 12 gauge will take its toll on your shoulder. Don’t hesitate to take your outfitter up on the use of a shoulder pad. Most outfitters will have 20 and 28 gauges available as well. There is a minimal rental fee for the guns.

You will purchase your shells from your outfitter. You will have to pay some fees including gun rental, shells and a tip for your bird assistant in the field. Be sure to ask your outfitter to outline the costs for you so that you know what to expect and can plan ahead.

A trip to Argentina is on many people’s bucket list. Just remember to do some research and ask lots of questions before you go and you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

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