Edward Dewees III: Dove Hunting Is In His Family Genes

The DeWees family has been dove hunting South Texas for decades and, has no plans to stop anytime soon. It’s just, “in their blood” and, to not plan and execute multiple outings each late summer and fall is unthinkable. It’s truly become an annual “eagerly anticipated” tradition shared by old, young and in-between DeWeeses that keeps these kinfolk focused and fired up year after year.

For Edward DeWees III, the current patriarch of the clan and successful San Antonio gun store owner, growing up hunting was a given. Although he lost his grandfather (the original Edward DeWees) when he was a small child, Edward remembers the man as an enthusiastic sportsman who could mesmerize his grandson with a bounty of birding tales. It was Edward’s late father (Edward DeWees Jr.) however, who actually got his namesake into the field (at age six) and, with ample amounts of patient instruction and encouragement, first introduced the youngster to the joys of dove hunting. As he recalls of that indoctrination, “I didn’t get any doves on that day but my single-shot 410 did a number on a few cactus pads and hornet nests.” His dad thought that was just fine for a newbie and, over the years, watched with pride as his son developed into the “crack shot” he is today. He’s so good in fact that E III, a former competitive skeet shooter, shuns a 12-gauge and still hunts exclusively with a 410 shotgun (albeit an exquisite, Aguirre y Aranzabal side-by-side) and generally, limits out.

With the next DeWees generation on hand (His daughter and son,16-year-old Camille and14-year-old Edward “Bo,” IV) Edward has his hands full keeping these two (safely) locked and loaded each season. When queried on how he turned the pair into straight shooters, he confesses to a slightly unorthodox approach. As Edward admits, “Early on I’d buy a bunch balloons then purchase a tank of helium. After filling the balloons to different levels so that each would ‘fly’ at varying rates, once released, they made wonderful targets. The kids had a blast ‘zeroing in’ on these colorful wind-driven floaters.” More importantly however, they, like their great grandfather, grandfather and father before, have become quite skilled as dove hunters but, with their heritage, that’s not so surprising. Dove hunting is definitely, and abundantly, in the DeWees gene pool.

Yep, doves and DeWees – these two will remain inseparable for many more decades to come because, As Edward III relates, “We’re blessed to live in a state where there’s so much opportunity to participate in an activity that, not only puts food on the table, but brings us all together as a family – sharing, laughing, loving and, above all, shooting, generation after generation.”

By Ernie Altgelt