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Gun Laws … Then, Now And In The Future

The 2017 85th Legislative Session has begun. Legislative sessions in Texas are limited to odd-numbered years and begin, as per our state constitution, on the 2nd Tuesday in January. Bills are introduced as early as the November preceding the session and began following the 2016 general election. Bill filing ends on March 10th, 2017 and then the Committee hearings go into full swing.

Texas Dove Hunters Association does not take a position of favor or not in favor on any of the bills listed but you may want to search and follow some of these during this 2017 session. Here are just a few bills of interest:

Texas State Rifle Association Press Release
Austin, TX – Today, Texas State Representative Mike Lang filed HCR 51 designating the 1847 Colt-Walker Pistol as the official state handgun of Texas.
Representative Lang feels it necessary to designate the 1847 Colt-Walker Pistol as the official state handgun of Texas due to its significance of Captain Walker and the Texas Rangers. Being the first and oldest law enforcement agency in North America, it is important to preserve the history of its accomplishments.

The 1847 Colt-Walker Pistol was designed as a collaborative effort between Texas Ranger Captain Samuel Walker and the legendary firearms inventor, Samuel Colt. It was designed specifically to be used as a duty weapon for the Texas Rangers. With 1,100 revolvers manufactured, Captain Walker carried two of them. Of the black powder type, this revolver was the largest and most powerful ever created. Furthermore, it was the first revolver to feature a six-shot cylinder, coined by Hollywood as the famous six-shooter.

“It only seems fitting that the 1847 Colt-Walker Pistol be designated the official state gun of Texas due to its historical relevance to our state and our wonderful Texas Rangers who work tediously to protect and defend our rights,” said Representative Lang. “Moreover, it’s the biggest and most powerful handgun of its kind, and everyone knows that everything’s BIGGER IN TEXAS.”

Representative Mike Lang currently serves as State Representative for District 60, consisting of eight counties. Lang resides in Granbury with his loving wife, Katie, where they are active members of Stonewater Church. They have one son, Ryan, who lives and works in the DFW area. Lang served Texas as a law enforcement officer for 30 years and was formerly elected in 2013 as a Constable for Hood County.

Senate Bill 133 by Sen. Brandon Creighton establishes a Second Amendment sales tax holiday, exempting firearms and hunting supplies from the state sales during the last Saturday and Sunday in August before hunting season starts. House Bill 485 by Rep. Pat Fallow is identical.
House Bill 78 by Guillen relates to credits to certain accounts of the Parks and Wildlife Department resulting from the allocation of the proceeds from taxes imposed on the sale, storage, or use of sporting goods.

House Bill 904 by Nevarez relating to the classification of exotic and nongame animals.
Senate Bill 786 by Nichols relates to prohibiting the use of eminent domain to take private property for recreational purposes.

House Bill 259 by Rep. Anchia restricts the private transfer of firearms at gun shows – a favorite target of the gun control crowd – by requiring every transaction to be conducted through a licensed dealer involving extensive government paperwork and payment of an undetermined fee. Bureau of Justice statistics indicate only 1% of firearms used in crime were purchased at a venue which could be defined as a gun show. Most crime weapons were stolen or purchased off the streets. Referred to House Homeland security and public safety committee.

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